Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fix the threats that your antivirus software missed

Prevx finds and fix threats that your current security products missed.
Prevx fixes root kits, spyware, information stealers, trojans, viruses, bots and adware.

Prevx CSI is a powerful new security tool that will quickly and easily tell you if your PC has been infected by one of these new threats. It is easy to use and enabling you to check if your PC has active spyware or malware, and it takes less than two minutes. So why take the risk, check your PC now with Prevx CSI.

If you like Prevx CSI it is useful to keep on your PC or on a USB memory stick. Then you can use it as often as you like to check if your PC has been infected. Also, pass it on to your friends, that way we can all reduce the risk of our PCs infecting others.

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