Friday, December 12, 2008

AntiVirus free to Mac Users.

New anti-virus software that clears almost all possible threats against the Mac OS X operating system specifically.

Unlike other Mac security products PC Tools' iAntiVirus is different due to its unique feature which does not specially contain any unwanted information about Windows-based threats making sure that this product is phenomenal and its memory footprint and system resource usage is kept to a minimum.

Pc Tools also claimed for this product to have minimum of system impact as it works at its own without much user interference and is designed to work silently in monitoring mode and also functioned to detect and remove threats automatically. At the same time a small window keeps you informed about threats and the action taken against it. Also the interface is very user friendly and functional to make the scans and carry actions against the scan results.

The best feature is that this software protects a Mac in real time and moves detected infections automatically to quarantine which allows to view them and restore any files which may be important to you. Also an alert is flashed at the system menu bar to inform the user about any detected infection.

The all new added feature in iAntiVirus is the Smart Update Function which enables the user automatically keeps the software updated as well as automatically notifies about any new necessary enhancements and installs it automatically all through the Smart Update Function. 

Threat signatures are also updated automatically within hours of a high-risk malware outbreak to protect your Mac from the latest online threats.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

beware of Fake antivirus scam

PC Security experts are worried of a new fake anti-virus software scam in circulation.

A rogue program called VirusRemover 2008 has been spotted by Trend Micro who warned that though the hoax uses similar tactics to previous security program scams, the criminals behind it have tried to disguise it.

"Virus Remover 2008 seems to have distanced itself from the Windows-looking interface,"
said Jovi Umawing of Trend Micro.

The program, which can be found when searching the web for 'free anti-virus' or a similar term, scans your PC and then brings up warnings that it is infected with a virus.